panorama of place in morocco

How You Can Help

We will list all the things people can do here to help out. Here are a few to start with, the most urgent is a short-term solution to the water shirtage:

Water Shortage

Please help publicise this by going to the youtube channel (part two is there too) and commenting on the videos, clicking the 'like' button, and adding to your favorites. This will increase the likelihood of other people finding them.

It will only need a few thousand euros to get clean drinking water. If you want to help with that cost, you can send money direct to an account in Morocco, where 100% of it will go directly on the borehole. Work starts now (april 2010) and every little will help. Summer is on the way. For account details and more info, email to contact at

General - online

You can help make our pages more easily found by going to the sites and commenting, adding to your favourites, subscribing, etc.
Just watching the videos adds to the play count and makes them higher in search results etc. Also if you have an account (free and quick to set up) you can favourite or comment on certain videos, and subscribe to the channel.
As above, basically. clicks, comments and favorites also make the image appear at a more distant view in google earth, so that is a good thing.
Please become a 'fan' of tribal networks,
Wordpress Blog
Adding comments and linking to articles helps to increase prominence in searches.

Technical (internet)

Need to be able to consult with someone (maybe skype or similar) when designing pages. Having trouble getting layouts to behave, but do want to be standards-compliant, and to learn CSS properly.
Need someone to talk with while we are setting up the server. It's just an experimental server, so none of it will be time-critical. We have a spare domain ( and a static IP address which that domain points to. The server would eventually be installed in our projects on site, but that is a long way off yet as we would need to keep it simple until people were trained.
PHP etc
Need someone willing to help set up and maintain simple weblogs, news sites and photo galleries so that people can use the internet wothout having to learn web design if they don't want to, and without having to pay or use advertising sites. Not a lot, and not heavily (or often) edited. At the moment we just have gallery2 and Drupal running on one site for friends in the Solomon Islands, and an internal wiki using PhpWiki, which (so far!) seems unlikely to need any assistance.


Even if you don't have much time, you can still be involved in what we are doing. Just a small amount of money makes a huge difference in a place like this. For example, $30 will set up a family's solar water steriliazrtion, or pay for some books for the school. $800 will pay for water storage for the whole of the dry season for 30 people.