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Ait Attab Community Center

permaculture design site plan

Tribal Networks is building a school and Community Center at Ikhef Nissiki, about 10 km from Al Garage, the main town of the Ait Attab Tribal Region. This image shows the plan drawn up for the center, scheduled to be built in 2012 during a course held by the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia. The image links to a larger version with much more detail.

There will be a number of buildings, surrounding a courtyard. Two rooms for accomodation for visitors and course students, two rooms for a school, one room for composting toilets and one for a kitchen. There will also be an office with facilities to be shared by all using the center, which will also be the location of the internet and local area network server, with a high-bandwith connection to Al Garage, where there is broadband internet.


There will be two classrooms, each suitable for around 20 children included in the center. At the moment the children have to walk up to 8 km each way to school every day. The school here will make things a lot easier for everyone. Good quality school dinners will be provided as well.

Being part of the permaculture center, children at the school will be able to learn many skills, which will be useful if they stay in the region, and also provide them with an income just about anywhere else they decide to go to. The permaculture project, internet center and our other projects will also help to ensure there is a reason for them to stay on when they have finished school. Presently, the vast majority leave for the cities as soon as they are old enough.

Permaculture Centre

Courses will be run from here, there will be two accommodation rooms for students form around the world. International student fees will subsidize local people. The Permaculture Research Institute of Australia will supervise a project to repair the entire watershed, using gabions and swales.

Starting from the top of the valley, close to the center, gabions will be constructed to hold back the water and swales will carry it out into the landscape. Carefully chosen trees and plants will be placed to further prevent erosion. Flash flooding further down the valley will be stopped, enabling us to insstall gabions lower down too.


As well as providing internet access for the school, the community center will operate outside of school hours, and part of that will be internet access for anyone from the region. Training will be provided.

Sponsoring schools in the West will be able to be in touch with the school here, and to arrange exchange visits and so on. They will be able to see for themselves the results of their fundraising efforts and to learn about life in a remote part of the Atlas Mountains.