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Tribal Networks Morocco

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Internet for a Remote Village

Tribal Networks is working in the Tadla-Azilal region of central Morocco. We were invited there to set up internet access for the remote village of Igourdane. There are no roads there, and no phones. The people are traditional Berbers and get by mostly by selling produce in the local markets, which are often a few hours walk away. The journey back, laden with goods, is all uphill.

From our initial surveys, we determined that a high-speed link to the nearest town was possible via a relay on a nearby mountain. We've bought some land and are starting to build a permaculture project and school/community centre on it. Along with this we will install a high-bandwidth network link to the town of Al Garage for internet access.

These pages will describe the process of setting up this project, and give some background on the people, their culture and problems.

We immediately realised that there was a lot to be done, and having internet access will certainly enable the people there to solve many problems. While the project is being built there is a lot we can do ourselves already, by putting the community in touch with people and organizations who can work together with them.

There is more about these on the Projects page. We need help with all aspects of our work, so please take a look at the Help page to see what you can do, or email us with suggestions (support at tribalnetworks .org).